Jim Felds
Boca Raton, Florida

Carl Duvel
Charlotte, North Carolina

Structured Finance Consultants, Transaction Engineers, International Marketers

Navigating clients through the ever changing capital marketplace...

Structured Finance & Transaction Engineering

We work with developers, sponsors, and government entities to create a financing structure that is attractive to lenders (debt) and investors (equity) to bring commercial, industrial, and institutional projects to fruition. We have experience in commercial and industrial real estate, energy, heavy manufacturing, and internet companies. We have successfully managed complete transactions from early stage up to the exit strategy including the coordination of agents, brokers, finance partners, debtors, creditors, accountants and lawyers to assure that the focus is placed on the project's success and not the personalities of the participants. Our success has been demonstrated on three continents.

Focustar Capital Group is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as well as the Municipal Securities Rule Making Board.

Corporate Representation & International Marketing

We work with inventors, engineers, manufacturers, and technology companies who want to expand their customer base or need to start one from scratch. We work with buyers and their agents who are looking for additional supply chain guarantees or a new product to bolster their line and we work with government entities or government owned entities who are either looking for a technical or financial partner to complete an infrastructure project (Engineering, Procurement, Construction {EPC}) or, in the reverse, seeking other government entities whose infrastructure efforts are in need of technical and/or financial support.


Corporate Representation

Exclusive Representatives: Middle East

Agents: Middle East,
The Caribbean and The Americas

Global Manufacturers Representatives

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