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About Focustar Capital Group

Founded in 2006, Focustar Capital Group is a boutique brokerage, advisory, and syndication firm that provides its clients with analysis, advice, and strategies to help create, develop and capitalize businesses, and industrial and real estate projects throughout the Eastern US, the Middle East, and China. We typically manage a pipeline between $150 Million - $300 Million in opportunities at any one time.

Focustar provides clients the access to debt, equity, bridge, mezzanine, bond, tax credit equity and more in a variety of structures. Managing these components in a single or multiple alternative capital stacks to create an offering that demonstrates the project's value, risk mitigation, and financial rationale is our specialty and we get results.

Deal structure is paramount. But deal structure is only valuable if it is flexible and can be modified on the fly to accommodate the variety of demands so often placed upon a project owner by his potential lenders and investors which is why we create interactive and inter-related structures tailored to the demand, a methodology our competitors avoid. We increase project success because we filter out the "noise" of the deal before we submit it, restructuring it in ways unimagined in an attempt to assure that the information vital to making a positive decision is included in our structure and our submission. The volume of requests to the financing community today is so high, that it is critical that the package looks great, is all inclusive, and makes sense at first read.


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