Jim Felds
Boca Raton, Florida

Carl Duvel
Charlotte, North Carolina

About Focustar International

As a result of Focustar Capital Group's activities in China, and its long standing successful relationship with one of its major clients, Focustar International was formed. Initially its mission was limited to the representation of this client in the Middle East. However, when one of our Chinese partners learned that we were active in the Middle East they too engaged us to represent them in that market and in the US as well. In addition to these clients we are in discussions with several US firms looking to expand into Southeast Asia and the Middle East to represent them in a variety of products and services including electric power generation, enhanced oil recovery, infrastructure projects and wood, chemicals, and industrial products.


Corporate Representation

Exclusive Representatives: Middle East

Agents: Middle East,
The Caribbean and The Americas

Global Manufacturers Representatives

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